Avoid losing your mind if we have yet another snow day

It’s FREEZING, your car might be buried under a foot of snow, and if you can get it out it’s tough to go anywhere because there is nowhere to park!  Not to mention you’ve watched everything on Netflix and cleaned your place as much as you’re really going to.  But winter just keeps coming at us this year so now what…

  1. Get snowed in with friends!  If you have a significant other you might have some ideas to pass the time, but if you don’t, or if even that’s gotten old after a million snow days, it could be fun to get snowed in with a group of your favorite people!
  2. Break out the gamesCards Against Humanity is always good for a laugh, or consider a game from your childhood like Monopoly or Life. With the right people these games can be hours of surprisingly fun entertainment.  If you’re feeling crazy then get creative and turn them into a drinking game! Check out ideas on how to make Monopoly a drinking game from College Party Guru.
  3. Craft – Plan ahead and you can have the supplies on hand to get crafty during the next snow storm.  Mod Podge is a fun and easy way to make decorative things for your house or cute gifts. Check out these home decor Mod Podge projects from The Budget Decorator.
  4. Home Brew – You could also try to brew your own beer! Check out the Beer Smith Home Brewing Blog for 5 steps for making beer at home.  The process (including fermentation and aging) can take 4 to 8 weeks so think spring thoughts as you brew.
  5. Get creative in the kitchen – When there’s no place to go there is plenty of time to try out that new recipe that you have been too busy to attempt on a work night!  Scroll through your Pinterest board and consider making one of those recipes you’ve pinned and never looked back at.  The only risk is if the meal is a total fail it may take hours for the backup pizza to arrive!
  6. Try a home work out -Yoga helps ward off the stress and anger building from living in New England this time of year, so find workouts on Pinterest or try streaming one on your computer or TV like these videos from Do yoga with me. Also, check out Steve’s tips from last week for when you can’t get to the gym!

Have ideas to stay entertained this winter?  Share with us below or tweet @YoProBTG using #YoProBTG

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