Going Out in the Fenway Area

Whether you are there for a Red Sox game, grabbing after work drinks or enjoying the night life (Tequila Rain, anyone?), the Fenway area is a great place to go out. Here are some of the Yo Pro Beyond the Grind bloggers’ favorite spots:

1) Game On


Game On just redid the bar with a new downstairs area to include ping pong tables, cornhole and batting cages.

2) Cask n’ Flagon 


3 words: Buffalo. Chicken. Dip. They call it legendary for a reason.

3) Lansdowne Pub


Great spot to head on a Friday or Saturday night to hear a cover band play.

4) Eastern Standard 

download (1)

If you are looking to class it up a bit or sit outside for some drinks, Eastern Standard is the perfect spot. My personal favorite: the Whiskey Smash.

5) Boston Beer Works 

download (2)

So many beers that even your snobbiest beer friend (we all have one!) will find something they love.

Where is your favorite spot to go out in Fenway? Tweet us at @YoProBTG and let us know!

Tweet blogger: @monicadegiorgio


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