Red Sox Opening Day at Fenway

fenway park

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After the Red Sox pushed across their 6th run via a sacrifice fly in the 19th inning at Yankee Stadium on Friday night to go ahead and hang on for a 6-5 win, who isn’t excited for the Sox home opener at Fenway on Monday??!!

Not feeling a full work day on Monday after this weekend?  Well, that’s great because the home opener vs. the Washington Nationals (many believe Washington will be one of best teams in the MLB this year) starts at 3:00 pm at Fenway.  Check out StubHub if you are still interested in getting tickets for the game.  Just know that opening day is always a hot commodity and you are already looking at a ballpark price (no pun intended) of $100 per ticket since it’s only a few days away.

Even if you aren’t willing to fork over that kind of dough for one baseball game, I highly recommend you consider heading down to Lansdowne Ave for drinks and apps at a local bar with friends.  You get the atmosphere and excitement of opening day without the overly inflated ticket prices.  The first time I went to Fenway, I paid $50 bucks to park.  Don’t get sucked into that trap.  If you get into the city a few hours before game time, there is plenty of meter parking and other cheaper options within a few blocks walking distance from Fenway!

The Red Sox had a disappointing season in 2014, recording a win-loss record of 71-91 and missing the playoffs just one year removed from winning the World Series in 2013.  This season, there will be a palpable buzz in the air as the Sox look to rebound with a newly reloaded, star-studded offense.  Their two through five hitters are 2. Dustin Pedroia 2B, 3. David Ortiz DH, 4. Hanley Ramirez LF, and 5. Pablo Sandoval 3B….if that doesn’t get you singing “Sweet Caroline”, then I don’t know what does.  The big question mark this season will be pitching.  My early prediction is the the Red Sox hang on for a Wild Card birth to the postseason.

For me, I’ll be dreaming of Fenway franks and the beautiful crack of the wood bats as I sit in class at Boston University on Monday night…at least I’ll only be a few hundred feet away.

ballpark Frank

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Shout out to my Penn Quakers who are off to a 7-1 start in Ivy League play and are taking on Cornell this weekend in a 4-game series. #America’s Favorite Pasttime

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