Who’s Ready for Happy Hour?


After a long work week (filled with MBTA delays, endless gridlock traffic and monstrous snow banks), what better way to wrap up the week and kick off the weekend than with a happy hour! Whether it’s with your colleagues or friends, happy hours are great for de-stressing and transitioning out of the weekly grind into the weekend.

No matter how healthy I eat during the week or how many times I exercise, I can never stay on track at happy hours. Nachos, potato skins, wings, loaded tater tots? Yes to all! And extra guacamole, please!

Here are a few quick tips on how to save some calories at your next happy hour:

1. Check out the menu before you head out. Choosing an appetizer or two before you go out can help prevent you from impulse ordering.

2. Don’t show up starving. This is what always gets me. Have a healthy snack before you head to your happy hour like almonds or a yogurt. Check out more tips on snacking in this Yo Pro Beyond the Grind post from Anna. 

3. Watch out for secret calories in your drinks. If you are planning to drink, light beer, wine and any clear liquor are your best options.

4. If the table orders a bunch of appetizers, grab a small plate and add what you would like to it (in moderation, of course!) Only eat what’s on your plate to prevent the one more nacho…one last nacho…I SWEAR this is my last nacho game.

5. #TreatYoSelf. Sometimes, especially after a crazy week, you just have to treat yourself with some delicious food and drinks. Nothing wrong with the occasional splurge! I always like to balance it out the next day by drinking a ton of water or adding some extra time on to the workout.

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