When You Can’t Get to the Gym

resistance bands

The gym may be your preferred exercise venue with the many choices in cardio equipment, weights, machines and fitness classes.  Although your busy yopro schedule doesn’t always allow you to get to the gym as much as you’d like doesn’t mean that there’s no hope for a great workout otherwise.  One of my personal favorite substitutes for the gym is the resistance band workout.  Yes you heard me…resistance bands.  Advantages:  cheap, go out and purchase a good set for $30 or less (I prefer the tubing kind with handle grips on the ends); they travel well, easy to fit into a garment back or carry on for when you are on business travel; surprise your muscles! resistance bands provide varying levels of resistance throughout the rep for more complete strength and range of motion benefits than traditional weights.  Combine a band workout with some push ups, dips on a stationary hotel room chair and some core and you will be glad you passed up the often dingy, boring, and lacking hotel “fitness center.”  Plus, when you do get back to the gym, you’ll be able to attack those free weights without skipping a beat.

Guys, I know it’s on your mind…the naysayers might ask if you are trying to transform into a middle aged woman by using resistance bands, but trust me, you can combine multiple bands at once like our strapping fitness model below to get plenty of resistance.  Great for beginners or serious fitness enthusiasts.

Try this for starters: Alternate bicep curls with overhead tricep extensions – 3 sets each; Alternate front and lateral arm raises – 3 sets each; Alternate shoulder press with upright row – 3 sets each; Alternate pushups with dips – 3 sets of each; Plank and right/left side plank – 3 sets total, 60 seconds each

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