We survived winter, now its time for Happy Hour on a sunny patio with your dog! (Yes, with your dog!)

Ever have those days where the weather is perfect and you really feel like going out after work but you also hate the thought of leaving the dog alone inside for 1 more minute?  Patios will be opening up soon and the urge to go to happy hour will get stronger and stronger!  Don’t miss out or make your dog suffer – in and around Boston there are a bunch of dog friendly restaurants where you can grab a drink with friends AND spend quality time with your pup!


Top dog friendly areas:

Check out Bring Fido for more dog-friendly activities in your area!


  • Dogs are not allowed inside restaurants – don’t go if you don’t want to be on the patio!
  • Bring the dog to the park  or take a walk first, a tired dog makes a much better dinner buddy
  • Bring something to chew on, a distracted dog also makes a much better dinner buddy
  • Be aware of your dogs actions and other diners reactions – not everyone thinks its cute when your dog begs for food.


My dog Emma loves going to dinner at Publick House!

Have a favorite dog friendly restaurant around Boston?  Comment below or tweet @YoProBTG

Image Credit: Fido Loves, Erik Jacobs for The Boston GlobeMckamey Animal Center

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