Sick of your stressful commute? Try biking to work!

The sun is out, the snow is almost completely melted and the forecasts are looking better and better, it’s just about time to get your bike out of storage and try riding to work!

Biking to work can be fun and has its benefits;

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  •  Stress less – Avoid the chaos and stress of sitting in commuter traffic or waiting for and cramming into a bus or the T
  • Health benefits – riding a bike is great to boost energy, to tone your body, and to burn calories!  Check out Self Magazine’s Calorie Calculator to see how many calories you could burn on your daily commute!
  • Save money – Spend less money on public transportation or if you drive you can save on gas, wear and tear and parking fees.
  • Good for the environment – According to Going Green Today if you choose to ride your bike to work just one day a week, you can reduce your contribution to CO2 global warming by 20% annually.

Don’t have your own bike, try Hubway Boston’s bike sharing system providing more than 1,300 bikes at 140 stations throughout Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville.  You can pick up a bike near home and leave it near your work!

Stay safe!  Check out the MA Bicyclists Rule of Rights & always wear your helmet!

Have any biking tips to share?  Comment below or tweet YoProBTG

Image Credit: & & WGBH News


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