Why March Madness is Awesome…Even If You Don’t Care About College Basketball

Think you need to be an expert on college basketball to get into March Madness? Think again! Here are 5 reasons to love March Madness…even if you don’t care about college basketball:

1. Chance to be overly competitive with your office, friends, significant other, parents, etc…and the bragging rights that ensue.


2. An excuse to go out with friends every night for about 3 weeks to eat nachos and more delicious apps and drinks.


3. Everybody loves a good Cinderella story. Route against the higher seed and when the underdog team wins…act like you believed in them all along.


4. Route for your alma mater. Nothing wrong with routing for yourself, right Mr. Kardashian West?


5. And if you get lucky, you could win some money off of your bracket!


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Image cred: @someecards


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