Are you getting the most out of your iPhone?

How did we all survive before cell phones? Even though they can be distracting, they can be used to make life just that much easier. I’m actually due for an upgrade, but I’m holding out to see how long I can continue this miracle streak of not breaking my iPhone 5.  No matter what version or software you have, here are links to some tips for taking advantage of all the iPhone has to offer.

My favorites include: 1.  Control your music from your earbuds. earbuds 2.  Easily switch between numbers and letters by pressing the number key then dragging your finger to the number without taking your finger off the screen.  Let go and the letter keyboard returns. letters numbers 3.  Ask Siri what song is playing instead of going into the Shazam app (for those frustrating moments when the song is just about to end). S0074_SiriShazamP1-Web 4.  See which apps are draining your battery, then conserve it by switching to grayscale. battery 2 battery save 5.  Tell Siri how long you want to nap for instead of setting the alarm manually (when you’re too tired to do the math…) naps 6.  Add website shortcuts that look like apps to your main screen for quick access. website shortcuts Have any other tips? Comment here or share with @yoprobtg #yoprobtg. (Tweet blogger @alittizz) (Photo credits in website links above)


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