What Do You Run On?

Best way to start a cold day, or every day for that matter? Coffee.

Now we want your opinion… Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks? Espresso yourself (sorry had to) and take our poll!

This has been a passionate debate in my coffee-obsessed family for the past few years as Starbucks has cemented some locations alongside Dunkin Donuts in the Northeast. Overall, you can see from the boston.com map below that Starbucks (in green) reps the West while Dunks (in orange) plays for the East.


I thought I ran on Dunks since it was on every corner when I first got addicted.  But recently I find myself choosing Starbucks because of their locations near me.  And I love really strong coffee, so Starbucks wins me over for that, although I can always order Dunks with a turbo shot if I want.  Is it okay to love both?

Tweet us @yoprobtg using hashtag #yoprobtg and tell us what you run on!

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