Hitting the vending machine too much? Try snack prep

I bet you’re thinking this winter weather has no end in sight.  But try to think positive my Northeast people…Spring is officially 30 days away!  So with warmer temps approaching (they have nowhere to go but up anyway, right?) and our New Years resolutions to eat healthy long gone by now, we figured that this week we would focus on getting healthy and fit so we can feel good when it’s time to shed those layers.

One quick tip we have for getting back on track is to prep healthy snacks to take into work at the beginning of the week.  I try to wash and cut all my fruits and veggies right when I get back from grocery shopping while I’m still motivated, which ends up saving me time during the week.  Then I put them in sandwich bags and bring them to work so I’m not hitting up the vending machine for chips or cookies when I get hungry.  This saves money you could put toward something else and is a healthier snack option during the day, as well as a quick and easy grab when you’re running out of the house in the morning!  Some of my favorites to prep include cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, grapes (which are also great frozen), and any type of berry.

We’d love to see if you have any meal prep ideas, so tweet @yoprobtg and use #yoprobtg to share any pics or comments.  Want great fitness advice all semester?  Follow our friends @MBActiveLife!

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(Photo credit: inspirefreshproduce.tumblr.com)


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