The Super Bowl Ad Aftermath – The Good, The Bad & The Straight Up Depressing  (You know what we’re talking about)

We know who won the game but since we’re into marketing we have to ask… Who won the brand bowl?  Use #yoproblog to share your two cents on twitter.  And in case you had a few too many to remember them, here’s a link to the 2015 brand bowl competitors and their commercials:

What some of our bloggers had to say about their favorites…

Anna: “Dove Men + Care #RealStrength. It made me want to cry and hug and thank my dad, but I didn’t feel as if the dadvertising was trying too hard to give me that emotional connection to the brand. And even though I wouldn’t be using the product myself, I’m still most likely the one doing the shopping for it.  My runners up included Microsoft #Empowering (choking back tears again), Always #LikeAGirl (who run the world), and Fiat #500X (Italians, excitement, and bigger…cars).”


Steve: “Coca Cola didn’t make many top 10 Super Bowl commercial lists after the big game, but there’s no denying that their #MakeItHappy commercial definitely made me stop and admire the power of a brand.  Nice hook with all the hating across today’s Internet, transition to a dark, ominous looking server room…and then…the Coke bottle spills.  Who didn’t suspect the whole to be infused with Coca Cola love?  How did we know?  Coca Cola has trained us all to know…

On a lighter note, my favorite commercial of the night (the one that made me chuckle) was the Doritos commercial.  Let’s face it guys…we all know we have been concocting and refining our strategies for picking up women for centuries, then only to be thwarted by an unexpected wrinkle = too funny.”


Monica: “As much as I love a cute puppy  ad (thank you Budweiser!), my favorite ad was for Clash of Clans. Had I heard of Clash of Clans before the Super Bowl? Nope. But do I want to play it now? Kind of and for one reason only – Liam Neeson. This was the one ad that had me and everyone at the party laughing out loud. Loved the Taken-style revenge and the barista mispronouncing his name.”



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